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Sunday Funday

Sunday is my favorite day of the week because Joe and I allow ourselves to eat whatever (and however much we want) of anything. It mostly involves pizza, and lots of desserts. I’ve been on a baking kick the past few Saturday’s, and Joe requested his favorite dessert this week–fine by me since it’s the easiest recipe known to man.

Icebox cake! It’s literally just pudding and graham crackers…and milk to make the pudding–Lactose-intolerant kind for Joe.

Puddin, grahams, and milk

It’s super easy. Just boil milk to make the pudding, and layer, starting with Vanilla (so that Chocolate ends up on top, but that’s just me!), then grahams, then pudding (there should be 4 layers of pudding).

I then crumble up leftover grahams on top for some crunch. I also added sprinkles, of course. Let it sit for 8 hours so that the pudding soaks into the grahams. Then, dig in!

I spent most of last night setting up my blog because Joe got home from work pretty late. As soon as we woke up we headed for the kitchen to dig into the icebox cake.


We paired it with a banana, extra sprinkles and whip, and finished with some coffee from the french press. Perfect start to the day. We had planned to go into the city today to get Joe some new sneakers, since I had gone to Jack Rabbit last week and had a great experience. I got my first “real” pair of running should, atleast as far as I’m concerned.

Brooks Adrenaline

They have you run on the treadmill and they videotape you from behind to tell what kind of running type you are. My feet land slightly inward and I have a high arch, so they found a pair that were perfect for me! Joe was neutral, so they brought out a few pairs and he ended up leaving with some New Balance’s, as well as some synthetic (best to run in!) socks for the both of us.

Treadmills with video cams


We then headed to Piola on 12th Street, knowing that they had 80 types of pizza. We went with the “margherita” and the “carbonara”, which was actually just egg, italian bacon, parm, mutz, and sauce. We split them and licked our plates clean, as usual. It was washed down with a bottle of prosecco. I would definitely go back– a change to our normal visit to John’s.

Pizza Pizza!

As we were leaving, we noticed the “all you can eat pizza” flyers, and decided it was a good thing we came before 6:00, because we would be like puppy dogs and eat ourselves sick, LOL. They don’t know who they’re dealing with.

I had planned in my mind all day to stop at Baked by Melissa, but I didn’t tell Joe. Luckily, his Mom called and said she was having his family over for dinner for his sister’s birthday. The perfect excuse to stop and get cupcakes!

Mini cupcakes!

We ended up getting 50..I mean, you need about 10 to equal a real size cupcake, right? 😉 We immediately opened the box while waiting for the train back to NJ. We tried one each before we even got to his parents. The best one, by far, was the special of the month- confetti (similar to my ultimate favorite Pillsbury Funfetti cake). Some other highlights were the maple pancake, peanut butter & jelly, cinnamon, and cookies and cream.

How cute are these little buggers?


Joe’s mom always cooks an amazing dinner. We had pasta, sauce, stuffed eggplant, peppers, and artichokes, pork, beef, salad, and finally ice cream cake for Liz (his sister) and cupcakes.

I always look forward to getting back into routine after a gluttonous Sunday! I’ll try to give my workouts by day, as well as some lunch highlights this week to get you attuned to my routine.

Off to watch Desperate House wives (which Joe oh-so enjoys…no, for real!).

Cherry Popper

Hello World!….As WordPress liked to name my first post. I deleted that first thing. I am popping my blog cherry by writing my first blog post, ever.

I will begin with the obvious– an explanation of my somewhat vulgar sounding name. Once you hear the background, I am sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

I live for peanut butter, well, food really. I gawk over sweets, salts, food in general. However, my affinity for fitness and a healthy lifestyle is just as prominent. I’m basically that girl who goes to the gym 6 days a week but can also scarf down as much food as her 180 lb. boyfriend. (Or however much he weighs?) By the way, Joe’s gym and eating habits mimic mine, which is probably one of the reasons we get a long so well.

So back to the peanut butter. I’ve always loved it, but once Joe and I meshed our absurd obsession with whip cream and sprinkles, it was over. We usually enjoy a protein shake after the gym, followed by a little something that looks like this:

PB, Whip, & Sprinks

PB, Whip, and Sprinks

  • Skippy Natural Peanut Butter: The only kind we buy
  • “Bakery Fresh” Sprinkles: We still wonder what makes them fresh
  • Frozen Fat Free Whipped Topping: Stop & Shop brand: We go through 4 a week now
  • A spoon (please see below)

It’s all downhill from here. With no portion control, it’s a Sprinkle Massacre, as Joe named it.

Peanut butter-less, because it is currently my lenten sacrifrice

Sugary goodness

Unfortunately, I gave up Peanut Butter for lent (I don’t want to talk about it), so this picture would usually have a heaping glob of peanut butter under the whip, since the correct order is PB, whip, then dip in sprinks. I promise I will provide a gluttonous picture of what it usually looks like, right after Easter.

The second part of my story may be even better. One day, while lying in bed, Joe came in the room with a look of guilt on his face. This was right after I heard some noise going on in the kitchen that I couldn’t quite figure out.

“It was a sprinkle massacre”, Joe said.

Unfortunately I did not get a picture, but as you can see from the pictures above, the sprinkle containers are quite odd and hard to open. Apparently Joe was so anxious to get at them that while attempting to take the lid off, he spilled an entire container ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR. We lost all of those poor little guys. Sprinkle-less, for a week, until I made my weekly grocery store trip.

That concludes the story of my life, I mean, the name of my blog. Please look forward to posts regarding my crazy food concoctions, cooking/baking attempts and inventions, my fitness regimen, healthy lifestyle related issues, and FASHION, because that is my other true love in life.

Food, Fitness, & Fashion,