Oops! I ate PB.

I’m baaaack! Atlantic City was a great time and it was so nice to take a break from work! Right after we checked in around 3pm, we headed to lunch at the Metropolitan in the Borgata, where we stayed. I had a greek salad with chicken. It was a huge portion and enough to fill me before heading up the wine show.

I have never seen anything like it! Picture a huge room with booths beyond booths and glasses galore. Grab a glass and start tasting! Now, obviously the girls were “working” and finding some new wines for the restaurant. We started with the bubblies and worked our way to the Burgundy since Carrie (manager) needed to find a new one. Towards the end, we decided to try the wines that we would probably never order ourselves or taste again, because they’re so expensive. We also found time to stop by the buffet and get some lobster risotto!

After the show, we headed back to the room. However, I decided to make a pit stop at the gelato bar! After some wine, I was really in the mood for dessert! I did something terribly wrong though. I’d like to advise everyone to be careful when drinking during lent so you don’t accidently break your sacrifice. Yes, I did it. But I would like to just say, that my sacrifice was actually to not eat PB out of the jar, as you know I like to do so with sprinkles and whip. So, I won’t say that I completely ruined it, but come on—she even gave me one of the garnish reese’s with the gelato!!

The death of me

Tell me that doesn’t look like a piece of heaven. Honestly, I didn’t even think about it until today that I had eaten peanut butter. So be it–what can you do?!

Anyhoo, we went up to the room to change for dinner. The vendor’s took us to Seablue, also in the Borgata. We continued drinking wine and the four of us girls split 4 appetizers and 4 entrees. Who wants just one thing when you can try it all? For appetizers, we had the lobster corn dogs, tuna tartare, beet salad, and oysters (east and west coast). For entrees, we split scallops, miso glazed chilean sea bass (I usually order this anywhere that has it), beef tenderloin, and dover sole. Of course, we got dessert. For the table, we had the most amazing warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies. They actually came with the root beer float but I requested just the cookies, because– seriously? Also, we had these doughnut zeppoli things and a chocolate pudding/red velvet mixture (not my fave). Dinner was yummy, but I was so full after.

Amanda, me and Nancy

We then attempted to gamble, and I would like to just give you the short version of my story since I am still a little sensitive to it. Joe gave me a game plan, and I followed. On roulette, I put $10 on 5 numbers and I won on #17. As roulette is 35 to 1, I won $350. I then decided to double it, feeling lucky, and lost, lost all the way to losing the $50 I started with. Then wasted another $50. This is why I don’t gamble. I am a “win and walk away” person, but since I followed Joe’s plan, I ended up losing. This is also why we had a free massage when Joe and I went to Aruba–I walked away on a win and used the money for a couples massage! Okay, so there’s my sad sad story and it’s over with. Moving on…

We hung out at the Casino and had a drink at one of the bars, but the smoke inside started to get to me so by 1:30 I was up in the room. It was still a really fun night!

Me, Nancy, Amanda, Carrie, and Megan

We woke up, got Starbucks (necessary),had breakfast (I got dippy eggs, being that I was in the mood for them the last week or so), and got on the road. I knew I was going to head the to gym as soon as I got home because I just felt weighed down from all of the food that I ate the night before.


I unpacked and went right to the gym. I did abs for 30 minutes and had a spurt of energy. I ended up doing a cardio workout similar to yesterday. I did intervals of running for 2 minutes, sprinting for 30 seconds, and in between doing that for 10 minutes, I did a 5 minute 9.5 incline walk. It felt so good and I went for a full hour! I think the fact that I brought my iPhone for a change and played the “Robyn” station on Pandora, helped. I was dripping, but still did my leg workout because Friday is the only day of the week I lift lower body. I run a lot so I don’t feel like I need to lift  my legs two times a week as I do my upper body.

I froze some strawberries before I left to make another smoothie bowl when I got home.

Chocolate covered strawberry in disguise

  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup chocolate almond milk
  • frozen strawberries
  • pinch xanath gum
  • 1/2 tablespoon Hershey’s dark cocoa powder

I love using frozen fruit as a substitute for ice. I added some honey to sweeten and dug in! As usually, creamy goodness. I’m now just enjoying some green tea–trying to use antioxidants to cleanse a little from last night. I actually don’t feel as bad as I though I would.

Tomorrow I am volunteering all day for my friend’s charity group, so I’m off to get a good night’s rest!

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