Daily Archives: April 15, 2011

Finally Friday

I am thrilled that this work week is over. It was a long one!

This mornings workout is currently starting to take effect. I have been lazy the past two weeks and completing my leg workouts on machines. I turned back to my squats and dead lifts this morning, leaving me in some serious pain! It feels good, though. I did 6 sets of squats to failure, alternating with 6 sets of dead lifts with 10 seconds in between using 50 lbs. I was exhausted afterwards, especially because I did a 35 minute run/incline treadmill workout prior to.

I made a quick shake with chocolate and spinach when I got home and continued with my normal morning routine. I brought a new attempt to work… Pumpkin pie overnight oats….

Cinnamon, spice, & everything nice 🙂

Last night I threw together leftover pumpkin (canned) with old fashioned oats, greek yogurt, a splash of almond milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice and stevia. This morning it was magically turned into a pumpkin pie, or at least it tasted like it! 😉

After work I stopped at J. Crew and Zara. With an additional 30% off sale at J. Crew and all of the bright spring colors at Zara, many items found their way home with me.

Unfortunately, everything is piled on a chair in the office because I have no hangers left. This is why I am dedicating tomorrow to Spring cleaning. I need to clean out what I haven’t worn this year, put away sweaters, and make room for bright colors and shorts! I am sure this will send me on a cleaning spree and Joe will come home to a sparkling house. I know I’ll feel so much better after I knock that off my to-do list.

For dinner, I needed a meatless meal, so I went with tuna fish. You can’t really go wrong with that. Plus, it was late because I spent my night shopped, so I needed something quick.

Tuna, Nayonaise, Carrots, Pepper & Onion Powder

I wrapped up the tuna with some spinach in a whole wheat wrap and served it with roasted parsnip fries & green beans.

Dessert was a must, so I made an ice cream sandwich with a frozen deep chocolate Vitatop cut in half, frozen cool whip, and SPRINKLES!

I am surprisingly excited to get my life in order tomorrow. Don’t you sometimes just feel like during the week you can’t get anything done? My Saturday will consist of cleaning, grocery shopping, organizing and cleaning out my closet, laundry, and errands…..and I have no problem with it! I may throw some baking in there, too!