Daily Archives: April 16, 2011

Rainy Day Pork

I slept until 10 today! I needed that! Joe and I went to the gym right after waking up, but I so hungry the whole time since it was late. Luckily, last night I made side by side chocolaty overnight oats for us to dig into as soon as we got home.

For J & J ๐Ÿ™‚

It started to pour and the wind was intense. Not a fun day to be outside.

Hi Grill, I wish I could use you!

As I mentioned, today I wanted to get a ton of things done. Joe went to work around 2:00 and I set off to the grocery store to get the usual needs and then some. I had something in mind I wanted to make for dinner, as well as something I have been wanting to bake for a while. I got loads of laundry done but didn’t finish my Spring clothes clean-out. Unfortunately Joe has to work tomorrow, but I guess it will give me a chance to finish.

If I haven’t mentioned yet, Joe owns a restaurant (or 3…) so this is why his job is so demanding. It actually isn’t normally as bad as it has been, but he recently lost an employee. Our jobs are both stressful and the hours that we work sometimes overlap, so it can be difficult at times. We try the best to enjoy the time we have together, but sometimes I let me routine get a hold of me. I wake up so early, goto the gym, my commute is long, work sometimes keeps me late, and I like to prepare for the next day by making lunch, taking my gym clothes out, etc. I realize lately that sometimes you just need relax and enjoy the moments that will mean the most, like the hour before Joe and I fall asleep and we are able to talk about each others days.


I have been wanting to try this Pork recipeย that Julie adapted from Cooking Light and I finally got the chance to tonight. It was a sweet yet spiceful, juicy pork loin! I roasted brussell sprouts and green beans with olive oil, pepper, truffle salt, and parm cheese. I also, last minute, decided to boil some bulgur wheat. I love it because it cooks so fast and is a great whole grain alternative to rice. I added lemon, truffle salt, parm cheese, parsley and pepper to it to make a somewhat creamy textured starch side for my meal! You should get yourself some truffle salt! It’s way better than truffle oil in that it lasts longer and has a more intoxicating flavor. Yumm!

I gobbled it down in minutes!

Dessert is in the oven! It’s a surprise for tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚