Daily Archives: April 20, 2011

My Fitness Story

I figured it’s about time to share my motivations and reasons for my gym and eating habits. But first, I’ll show you the interesting lunch I am eating as I blog.

I took Tuesday night’s leftover bulgur wheat and mixed it with a can of tuna and some sugar snap peas. I wasn’t sure about heating up tunafish, but it is pretty tasty!

Last week when I was tackling my Spring closet cleaning, I brought down my Tupperware full of spring clothes to make the sweater switcheroo. I tried on all of my shorts and bottoms from last year, and to my shock, I was swimming in most of them.

I began working out more steadily last January. It was my new years resolution. Before that, I had a few months here and there where I was consistent, but hip surgeries, laziness, and other things always somehow interfered. I was active in high school sports and always tried to make it to the gym regularly. Once I was on a routine when I started my first “big girl Job”, I was able consistently go every morning. It took a while to get used to, but now I can’t imagine not working out before I head to work. It gives me energy for the day. (This is not to say that I don’t take a day off if my body tells me I need a break or I’m under the weather.) I do it because it makes me feel good, not to become so skinny that people begin to assume things. I sometimes find that although that’s not my intention, it may come across that way to others.

I told my mom how my Spring clothes from last year were big on me and she said “maybe you’re not eating enough”. Now, one thing I do not do is deprive myself of food. Aside from Sunday, which is my cheat day, I still enjoy every meal during the week. I always make sure I get enough protein, fiber, and whole grains and constantly dream up new recipes that help me stay healthy and enjoy my meals. I don’t keep count of calories everyday, but I do know that I eat more than enough for my body weight.

Strength training is also very important to me. I may run a lot and lose the weight but I build muscle just as much. It took over a year to really see physical results, but my workout habits have really made a difference in my mood and energy from the start. I increasingly adjust my workouts as I become stronger, so I keep myself challenged. I also recieve a lot of help (and motivation) from Joe. He gave me most of my strength training workouts and since he goes 6 days a week, he keeps me on my toes!

I find that I do talk a lot about my eating and gym habits, so that was one of the reasons I felt that I wanted to start a blog. I love to share my ideas as well as take a spin on other bloggers workouts and recipes. I also think it will help me become more diversified with my workouts and get me back to making creative meals.
Overall, I feel that you need to do what feels best for you. If you can’t make it to the gym but you have healthy eating habits, or if you take a long walk everyday but still enjoy dessert right after, that’s fine. What works for you doesn’t always work for everyone else. All we can do is respect others decisions but also try to motivate and inspire people who want to be pushed a little.

I hope I can inspire some people with this blog to try new recipes and workouts! 🙂

Upper Body Workout

Well, today was disappointing! The weather said it was supposed to be 70 degree, so I through on my little cargo capris and short sleeve tee, only to walk outside to 45 degree weather. When will this dreary April showers business stop?

Anyway, last night I made Joe my Rainy Day Pork! This time, I added apples to the mix and cooked them with the pork in the brown sugar mixture. He enjoyed – and we enjoyed our night together, since he will be working late most other nights this week.

This morning I completed one of my favorite upper body workouts. First, I did shoulders:

  • Dumbbell shoulder presses (7.5 lb weights)
  • Sitting Dumbbell Lateral Raises aka Bent Over Dumbbell Flies (5 lb weights)

I did both to failure and repeated for 4 sets, 10 seconds in between each time.

Next was chest:

  • Flies with 10 lb. dumbbell
  • Pushups

I did 2 sets of flies followed by 2 sets of pushups, then repeated. I did them to failure with 10 seconds in between all. I recently started to be able to do real pushups. I always do modified but try to stick a few real ones in there to build up to it!

Then I did back:

  • Wide grip trap pull downs (kind of like a pull up, but done with the machine)
  • Bent over row (alternating arms) for lats

I did each seperately, 4 sets, 10 seconds in between, to failure.

Last was biceps and triceps.

  • Triceps: Bent over tricep kickbacks (using wire from machine w/ 5lb. weight) 4 sets per arm, 10 seconds in between, to failure
  • Biceps: Curls with 5lb. weight (2 sets of 25 reps, 10 seconds in between, then 2 sets of 20 reps with 10 seconds in between). Switched to 7lb weights (2 sets of 15 reps with 10 seconds in between).

I finished with a quick 25 minutes on the elliptical.

I made smoothie with spinach and since I was running late so I grabbed an FRS drink that I picked up at the grocery store this weekend to drink on the way to work since a Starbucks stop was  not an option. I also made some Yogi Seven-berry antioxidant tea to have with my Banana Nut Vitatop!

Bitten before photographed! Oops!

Another busy work day. Have a great Wednesday!