Daily Archives: April 25, 2011

Sick as a Bunny

It is inevitable. I was sick with the flu last year for Easter and missed 3 days of work. This year, I started getting a terrible sore throat Saturday night and I am still suffering today! Although I made it to work, I may be leaving early because my head feels like a balloon and I am on cup of tea number four!

I always get the post holiday blues the day after a holiday. I think it’s because I don’t live super close to my family, so it is so special when I do get to see them.

Yesterday, we went to my Uncle’s, as we have been every year since my Grandfather had to sell his house to move into assisted living. My mom and her two brothers and all of their kids (my cousins, obviously) and any significant others, usually spend the day together. My Uncle’s girlfriend made yummy homemade ravioli, meatballs, sausage and sauce. My mom brought the potato salad and we had it with ham, kielbasa, salad, bread, etc. It’s kind of a hodge podge of food but it somehow all goes very well together! Dessert was ice cream cake and two kinds of rolls (poppyseed and raspberry cream cheese which was the death of me yesterday). There was also Easter pie, which I try every year, and I don’t like it, every year. It has ricotta, egg, etc. in it. Not a fan!

We mingled for 2 hours or so after we ate, which gave me an opportunity to get a recent picture with my Mom. I miss her all the time! She is probably going to visit for Mother’s day and I can’t wait!

I also got to talk to my Grandfather who I always say is practically my father. He raised me with my Mom (my father is not in my life), and is the most giving man I know. He now has Parkinson’s disease, which is a neurological disease. He has trouble smiling, but I promise – we were happy to see each other! 🙂

I headed back to New Jersey around 4:00 and immediately headed to Joe’s parents to eat more! His two sisters and their kids and his Uncle were there. His mom made homemade ravioli as well. Of course, I had more and finished with cupcakes, chocolate covered peeps, and candy!

I’m sad that Easter is over but at least the weather is starting to clear up! It poured rain last night, but today it is in the 60’s and is supposed to rise throughout the week.

I did a light workout this morning despite my cold. It consisted of 25 minutes of abs and 45 minute intervals of running/incline walking on the treadmill. By running, I mean jogging at 6.5 because I had a coughing fit or two. Oh the joys of being sick. I’m convinced that I haven’t gotten sick in so long because I workout and my body is strong and not as susceptible to infections and viruses. I guess I can deal with a small cold for a few days. Boo.

I didn’t get to go to the grocery store this weekend because I was traveling, so lunch today was leftover ham from easter dinner on a sandwich thin with Nayonaise. I had no complaints about this. I enjoyed broccoli slaw on the side which is not pictured.

Yum! I am sure I will be downing some leftover chocolate covered peeps soon, too! When I’m sick, I usually find that I eat more, rather then less. I guess that’s a good thing?