Mother’s Day

My Mom came down Saturday morning to stay for Mother’s Day weekend. We talked, went shopping, walked around NYC, but basically, we ate. We ate a lot of good food! I had a Gilt City credit to Centro Vinoteca, so we went there for lunch on Saturday. It included 2 glasses of wine and 4 appetizers. We were presently surprised by the size of the “piccolino” menu choices. We went with meatballs, zucchini fritters, rice balls, and ricotta with toast points.

Afterwards, we bolted to the gelato place across the street! My Mom went with her usual Tiramisu and I got Nutella.

We were definitely filled enough after that. Enough to go shopping for a few hours! We both got some MAC makeup and I got a refill on my perfume.

Every time my Mom comes to the city she wants Magnolia cupcakes. They came out with mini ones, but they are special order only. We found that out last time and we were disappointed. I made sure that for Mother’s day, we got them! I placed a special order this week, so when we got to the line that is always wrapped around the corner, I told her to wait outside. I brought out a dozen mini’s for us to enjoy later in the day.

Loooove me some Magnolia! 🙂

We enjoyed them with some tea when we got home. After having pizza for dinner, of course!

Today, we got up and got ready to go to brunch at Joe’s restaurant. Since the new menu came out, my mom wanted to try it. We both went with a mimosa and green tea to start.

Followed by the muffins they always bring out pre-appetizer/entree…

Which we slathered this yummy stuff on…

My mom went with the tuna nicoise salad for her appetizer, and I chose the blueberry greek yogurt with granola.

For our brunch entrees, my mom got the smoked salmon with creme fraiche on a bagel (soooo good!) and I got the asparagus and lump crab quiche (much much better than I expected!)

Our waitress Lindsay then sent out a cake with strawberries, which we ate too fast so no picture was taken! Joe covered our brunch (he was working today) which was really nice. He always covers when my Mom and I come to eat there. We go because the food is always so good and I feel bad that he always pays. Especially when I am trying to take my Mom out for Mother’s Day here! 😉 Well, she enjoyed the cupcakes and makeup I bought her anyway!

We then spent some quality Mom and daughter shopping time at TJMaxx….and the grocery store! haha!

I left with some mason jars, an apron, and some new workout tanks. Which, by the way, I cannot wait to get back to the gym tomorrow ! One week was a long time with no exercise for me! It’s going to feel really good to go back after having this break. Overall, I think it was a good thing to make sure I am back to my healthy state! No more antibiotics after today.

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. Now, I am off to cook some dinner for when Joe gets home. Grilled Pizza? Hmm..You’ll see tomorrow!

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