Taco Monday

…because I couldn’t wait until Taco Tuesday. Although, I am sure I’ll be having the same lunch tomorrow.

Yesterday I prepped taco meat by sauteeing onions and peppers in olive oil and adding in 99% fat free turkey meat until browned. I added in a low sodium taco seasoning packet and let it simmer. I now have 3 days worth of lunch for the week. I love taco lunches, it’s so easy! I added some black beans to the mix after I portioned them out in tupperware.

I cut up onions and tomato and added lime juice, cilantro, and salt to make a quick pico de gallo. I brought half of an avocado too.

Lastly, I cut a whole wheat wrap into “chips” and baked until crispy.

Easy, healthy, and yummy!

Happy Monday! Even though it is rainy and miserable outside here. 😦

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