Daily Archives: May 20, 2011

Lemon Basil Mojitos

Last night, Joe and I prepped the infused vodka for the Lemon Basil Mojitos that I will be bringing to my friend’s wedding shower this weekend. We muddled basil leaves, cut up lemons, and agave nectar and added it to 3 bottles of vodka in a mason jar. This will infuse until Saturday when I bring it to the shower and add the club soda.

I know that mojitos are typically rum, this is a specialty drink at Joe’s restaurant that Carrie (the bride to be) loves, so we wanted to make it for her.

After we made the infusions, we made smoothies and had “dinner” together. Joe had a sprinkle massacre. I don’t even know how it happened. Typical. It’s fine, he just sweeped them all into his bowl anyway.

This Morning

I still feel like I haven’t caught up on sleep from the night before. I snoozed a little extra but still got in a 3 mile run and a leg workout. I made a quick protein smoothie to hold me over before what I considered my real breakfast. I had oatmeal on my mind all day yesterday, specifically from dishes. I opted for a wet bun so I could have an extra 15 minutes to hit up the oatmeal bar before work. Dishes is AMAZING. It’s like an upscale buffet. I was too busy scoping out the oatmeal bar to take a picture. Sad. 😦 I’m sure I will be going back ASAP though.

This little bowl of goodness included steel cut oats, cinnamon, honey, flax seeds, bananas, dishes muesli mix, and a small sampling of blueberries in sauce.

I felt like crying when it was over, but I remembered it’s Friday and what better feeling could you have?