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Happy Easter!


Tea to ease the sore throat that began last night…

Peanut Butter to break my lenten sacrifice…

…and dippy eggs with easter bread, just because it’s good.

Oh, can’t forget the peanut butter chiffons!

Happy Easter to all!

Chocolate Covered Peeps

This morning, I decided to skip the gym. 7AM came quick and it was raining which made me not want to get out of bed! Instead, Joe and I laid in bed until I had to leave around 9:00, and he headed to the gym.

I made a few stops when I arrived in PA before going to my Mom’s house. I needed peeps, chocolate discs, and lollipop sticks for a little project I had in mind.

When I got to my Mom’s I was upset to see that she had already made the traditional Easter potato salad….without me! But, I was happy to see her! 🙂 

Everytime I come home I feel like I get a sore throat because my Mom and I talk so much. We don’t see each other often, and the phone doesn’t always cut it! I enjoyed spending the day with her. Since the potato salad was already done, we started to make the chocolate covered peeps that I had been dreaming about all week.

First, we made a makeshift double boiler by putting a pot with dark chocolate wafers over a pot with boiling water.

I mixed the chocolate until it was nice and smooth!

We poked lollipops through the peeps so they would be easier to dip and dry. I bought bunnies and chicks in all different colors, but the bunnies ended up being easier to dip and looked better at the end.

Dipping went over well, which was not expected! I bought candy eyeballs, too! Surprise! You can’t see the peeps eyes under the chocolate, obviously, so I spared them some.

How funny is that? He is my protoge bunny. If you decide to make these, know that 2 1lb. packs of chocolate discs is plenty for 40 peeps. I should have bought more peeps….and lollipop sticks!

I am definitly making these every year! I bought ones from a chocolatier in NYC and they were so expensive. I thought to myself, I could make 5 times the amount of these for cheaper, so I decided to give it a try! The double boiler was also key. One time, my friends and I tried to make cake balls using chocolate melted in the microwave. Bad idea! Pain the butt- just make a makeshift double boiler, trust me!

It was raining all day, but then it cleared up and the sun came out so we decided to go for a walk. We drove to the junior high school I attended and walked around the track there. It was beautiful out! We fast-paced walked and I ran about 2 miles, being that I skipped the gym this morning and had some extra energy! All of the track and field props were set up and it reminded me of my triple jump days. I had my high school record but I’m not sure if I still do.

We were ready for dinner as soon as we got home, but first we hopped in the shower. My Mom had pork chops out so I immediately decided I wanted to cook her the recipe I made recently. I am loving the brown sugar and cumin combo! I added apples to the mixture and we thoroughly enjoyed every last bite!

Of course we had dessert, which consisted of Easter bread made by Joe’s mom and sister and some green tea. The bread is so good! It’s flakey and has a sugar coating on top – my favorite part! Simple confectioners sugar mixed with milk, but it makes the bread!


3 more hours until I can eat peanut butter! My mom already told me that she bought me Peanut Butter Chiffons in milk and dark chocolate! She ruined the surprise, but that’s okay, now I will be coming down to the kitchen at midnight to sneak one in! They are one of those things that you can only get at “home”. We have certain pizza, chips, and other treats that are only available in NEPA (northeast Pennsylvania), but these candies are the best! A local candy shoppe makes them, and they are only open for part of the year. It’s the only place you can get a PB chiffon and they are famous for them. Love love love! Anyway, enough dreaming of peanut butter.

I hope everyone has a Happy Easter! I will be heading to my uncle’s tomorrow and then back home with Joe and his family. 🙂