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Oh My Ganache

Yesterday’s event was amazing. Over 1300 underprivileged girls got dresses for their prom at Project Glam! I will post pictures once the group uploads them. For now, you can check out some details here. It felt great to volunteer and see how much happiness it brought to these girls and their mothers, counselors, etc.

Afterwards, Kristina, Ashlee (another W Girls Volunteer),  and I went to eat (and have a drink) at Joe’s restaurant to unwind. Needless to say, I slept like a log after being on my feet all day.


Joe’s work has been taking him away from me a lot lately, so I was sad this morning when he had to leave at 10am. I look forward to Sunday’s because it’s our one day to spend all day with each other and veg. I ended up ordering an eggplant parm sub for myself and stopped at the bakery on the way back from picking it up. I got our favorite sprinkle cookies (butter cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles), a cupcake with lots of icing for Joe (because he eats the icing and leaves the cake, always), and yummy chocolate ganache cake.

"Peep peep, I'm full of butter and cream!"

Oh my Ganache!

Sprinkle Massacre cookies!

The rest of the day will just be  lazy Sunday. I am not looking forward to work since I’ve been off for 4 days! I am, however, looking forward to another good week at the gym!

Honey Nut Banana Bowl

I am running a little behind today, so this may be a quick post.


This morning, Joe wasn’t feeling well and he had to work all day so he decided to take off from the gym today. I slept in a little bit and headed to do my upper body workout around 9:30. I did the usual 30 minute abs, 30 minutes upper body and 30 minutes on the “moon machine”. I had a great gym week — I did a lot of extra cardio now that I am incorporating intervals of incline walking.


I was craving a banana nut Vita-Top, so I knew I had to incorporate that into my breakfast somehow! I took one out of the freezer while I decided. I usually buy them in bulk and have a lot on hand, but I haven’t eaten on in a while because I’ve been making overnight oats.

I then thought, “Vanilla, Banana, Nut, Honey!”, great combo! I combined vanilla protein powder, milk, ice, a tablespoon of honey, and a pinch of xanath gum for thickening into the blender. I then broke up the Vitatop and poured the mixture over it. It reminded me of when I was little and my grandfather would pour a glass of milk and put a piece of birthday cake in it and mush it up and eat it! I ussed to think it was soooo gross! This, on the other hand, was not!

The texture of the muffin in the smoothie was awesome! I then made some coffee in the french press to liven me up for today’s event!

Starbucks Tribute Blend is my current brew

Now I am off to volunteer at Project Glam! My friend Kristina is in W girls and asked me to help out. I’ll let you know how it goes!