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Running: The Mind Game

I have been running in some way or form for years. I played every sport in the book since gradeschool. This includes basketball, soccer, field hockey, track and field, cross country, softball, even tee-ball! I was on the Yankees tee-ball team with all boys in little league. In any event, although I stopped playing sports when I went to college, I continued to stay active (for the most part) and running stuck with me. It’s an unexplainable high that you cannot reproduce. When I had my two hip surgeries, it killed me to not be able to run. It was the bike and the ellyptical only. It’s not that I dont use these regularly, but when I am told that I can’t run it’s a little different.

The reason that this topic came to mind is because of what I did this morning.

This includes a 2 minute warm up and 2 minute cooldown

I have fallen off the “long run” streak that I had going for the last year. About 2 months ago my right hip started acting up and I went to see my surgeon. He said I did not need any procedures done, but there was some inflammation and I should goto physical therapy and take it easy on running. This is when I began intervals. I started doing a lot of incline walking mixed with quick sprints. I love intervals but I missed the feeling I got after a true long run. For me, 7 miles is a lot because of my hips, but I still someday hope to build up to do atleast a half marathon.

Today I woke up not really feeling the gym, but I snapped out of it and told myself to just get up and do what I can! After a quick ab routine I hopped on the treadmill thinking I was just going to do some intervals for 45 minutes and call it a day. After alternating 2 minutes of sprinting (8.0) with 3 minutes of jogging (6.5), I kept going and increased from 7.0 to 8.5, etc. I remembered how much of a mind game running is. You keep telling yourself that you are going to stop but when you hit that marked time that you set for yourself, something tells you to keep going. I equate it to lifting when you feel like you just can’t do anymore because it hurts but you just push yourself because you know how it feels afterwards. I got to 50 minutes and I was at about 6 miles and decided to just bust out the last mile and get back to where I was a few months ago. I sprinted at 8.0 and 8.5 before doing my cooldown. It felt so good to leave the gym completing 7.15 miles! It always happens like that – on days when I think I just can’t do it. On days that I try to plan it, I find that I never end up completing as much.

The next part of my day was exciting to me but probably not to you. I left the foot doctor feeling like a new person. Speaking of running, it has seriously killed my pretty feet. I had new orthotics made, had calluses removed, and got a topical treatment for my crazy running toenails. Yeah, all the gross stuff you don’t want to hear about. Yet, I continue to run. Only some will understand.

Foot molds!

It is disgustingly humid today, which is why I was a wet dog after running, and why my hair is in a wet bun for work. No point attempting any sort of hairstyle today in NYC.


I have always seen Dr. Praeger’s veggie burgers and wanted to try them. After seeing pictures from Fit-Bloggin on everyone’s recap’s, I decided to pick up the california style veggie burgers for this week’s lunch. I put it on the usual whole wheat sandwich thin with muenster cheese and paired it with veggies and hummus. The burger was packed with veggies and super yummy. You can see the edamame chunks when you bite into it. Very pleased – this is my new goto veggie burger!

Excuse all 4 iPhone photos today. My excuse is that I obviously won’t bring my camera to the gym and then I just plain old left my point and shoot home.

Back on Track

I was unable to post yesterday due to a crazy day at work. I have those sometimes, or a lot of times… Anyway, it felt so good to work off all of that icebox cake the last two mornings.

Monday Workout

I usually wake up between 5:00 and 5:30 AM, depending on my workout, my day at work, and if Joe is driving me to the train or not. I usually drive, park and walk myself, but if he decides to go into work early with me, it saves me some time! Luckily, Joe woke up with me, and my Monday workout is usually just shaking off the rust from the weekend. We did Abs for 30 minutes, which always consists of:

  • 2 Lower Ab excercies
  • 2 Upper Ab exercises
  • 2 Oblique exercises

Then, I headed to the treadmill, which is unusual for a Monday, while Joe headed to the ellyptical. I tend to stick to the ellyptical as my body is still trying to digest Sunday. I decided to do intervals of jogging and incline walking instead. I did 2 minutes at 6.5, no incline, and 2 minutes of 4.5 with a 9.0 incline. It varied a little but basically followed through the 30 minutes. I then hopped on the ellyptical for 20 minutes at “25” since I was already sweated up! I definitly felt like this workout was better than my normal Monday routine. I need this after the weekend.


Breakfast was a xanath gum connundrum! Yes, I attempted xanath gum in my shake for the first time, and when people say a “pinch”, they mean it! A little goes a long way. I through my usuals in a blender and added a tablespoon, bad idea! It is a thickening agent, which is great for shakes–in small doses!

The blender basically stopped dead in its tracks and I had to scoop out the thick mess inside. I decided to grab a shower and try again after, being that I was already running late. Joe just laughed at me as he made his PB2 and Protein Powder shake. We typically have two 7.5 lb buckets of Isopure hanging around–chocolate and vanilla, that I order from Netrition. I like Netrition because they always ship so quick, for only $4.95 and everything is always right! Plus, you get 5% off with orders of $200 or more and I always get something free (towel, t-shirt, water bottle so far)!

I attempted the same after I got ready, and took it in a to go bottle for the ride. It came out just right with a “pinch”! I also wanted to share the slight disconnect at my daily Starbucks stop. My mom’s worst nightmare and why she did not name me Gillian with a G.


I bought a lot of new products at the grocery store this weekend since I have been bored with my lunches, so I was excited to dig in to what I had packed because it was such a crazy day! I brought turkey with Nayonaise (dijon style) on a whole wheat sandwich thin, with a side of Mann’s Broccoli Slaw and  Annie’s Lite Gingerly dressing.

I ended up having a late night at work and was excited to just get home and get back into bed! I made a quick protein shake with a banana before doing so.

Today’s Workout

Tuesdays are a love/hate day for me, because that describes my relationship with running. Joe got me into the habit of doing a long-run day, which for me has gone up to 7.7 miles at most. I always wake up dreading it, but a few minutes in I love it! I preceded my run with a 20 minute one prop ab workout (a mat, on the floor).

Today I ran 7.53m in 65 minutes, with a warum up and cooldown baked into that time. It was a good day because I was able to interval a bit (sprinting at 8, 8.5, and 9, throughout the workout for 30 second), while keeping at a steady 7.0. I had surgery on both of my hips, which I will save for a later post, that sometimes defers my running.

Today was the first day that it was warm when I walked out the door at 5:15. I usually just run out in shorts no matter how cold it is, but today I didn’t get that chill! It is a rainy-ish day, but it’s atleast close to 60 degrees. Spring, finally! I always feel like my workout is intensified in the heat! I definitely sweat (sweated?) more than usual today. Even after I got out of the shower and got into my robe, I still had to open the bathroom door when I was blow drying my hair. That normally only happens in the middle of summer!

For breakfast, I made a shake with chocolate protein powder, a banana, and chocolate almond milk. It’s been my recent kick. Well, bananas really have been. I also made overnight oats (dry oats, almond milk, 1 tsp. dark chocolate cocoa, and strawberries) last night that I brought to work to eat as a snack. I always make sure to eat extra calories on days that I run (good calories, of course)!


Lunch was a goat cheese (I use Chavrie), turkey, and spinach on a whole wheat wrap with carrots. Sorry, I bit into it before I took the picture! I will get in the habit of taking more pictures of my food once I get this all up and running, but for your enjoyment I have my iPhone photos, for now!

Now, I have to finish up my day at work. Enjoy your day! 🙂